UFC Fans Genuinely Concerned after Paddy Pimblett shows off shocking holiday weight gain

Paddy Pimblett

Known just as much for his epic binge-eating as he is for his skills inside the Octagon, lightweight standout Paddy Pimblett appears to have once again fallen off the wagon after pledging to keep himself firmly under 200 pounds between fights.

Pimblett was largely absent from 2023 after undergoing ankle surgery early in the year. During his time away, the Liverpudlian aimed to take control of a “bad eating disorder” that regularly saw him consume 8,000 calories per day and balloon up to 200+ pounds immediately following his fights.

“After a fight, I’ve got a bad eating disorder,” Pimblett told SLOTHBOXX. “At the minute, I’m not too bad because obviously I had surgery. I went to America and got fat again, then came back and had surgery. And after the surgery, my weight has just gradually come down. Now I’m just walking around at about (185 pounds) and not really watching what I’m eating. I’m just hobbling around at that weight, which is nice. I’ve plateaued around this weight. Hopefully I’ll never go above (200 pounds) again.”

However, recent images of the Liverpudlian on Instagram have fans genuinely concerned for the scouser’s skyrocketing waistline and overall health once again.

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Holy f*ck bro how are you huge already?

Dude had a six-pack last week.

I don’t understand how this is humanly possible.

Bro this dude gains weight faster then anyone I have ever seen, freak of nature

Dude will die young for sure with these eating habits. Jesus almighty. This can’t be real.

How the hell do you gain that much weight in 15 days?

The blow up after fights needs to be studied cos that is crazy

Wtf dude how in the hell! You where just shredded

What in the Jonah hill is going on here

Holy sh*t. Is it water retention/bloating?

Pimblett is currently undefeated under the UFC banner, scoring five straight W’s since making his promotional debut in 2021. ‘The Baddy’ was hoping to lock in at least one more fight before his wife gives birth to twins later this year, but thus far, no official announcements have been made.