UFC Anti-Trust Lawsuit Could Pay Fighters Massive Windfall

The ongoing anti-trust lawsuit against the UFC appears to be gaining traction, and fighters could receive a massive windfall of money for damages if the lawsuit were to pass.

MMA journalist John Nash tweeted about his discoveries regarding the anti-trust lawsuit, and any fighter who fought in the UFC since 2010 will be entitled to a part of the proposed $1.6 billion settlement:

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The UFC’s huge sale last year for over $4 billion will likely work against them here, as the massive settlement could be viewed as coverable by the deep pockets of new owners WME-IMG.

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For comparison, Nash says former UFC competitor Strikeforce paid their fighters 63 percent of their overall revenue. Meanwhile, economist Andrew Zimbalist denies the authenticity of the UFC’s claim of fighter/revenue numbers:


A group of fighters led by former UFC title contender Jon Fitch banded together in 2010 in an effort to create a fighters’ union. Fitch says any fighter who competed for the UFC between December 2010 to December 2014 are entitled to payouts unless they choose to opt out.

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Economists actually place the money owed to said fighters could be three times as much as the $1.6 billion figure.

How do you see this lawsuit playing out? Will the fighters ever receive money due them?