Documents reveal how the UFC’s $335 million antitrust lawsuit settlement will be distributed to fighters

Documents reveal how the UFC's $335 million antitrust lawsuit settlement will be distributed to fighters

On Tuesday, May 21, parties in the UFC antitrust lawsuits filed a Motion for Preliminary Approval of the Settlement. The documents revealed the amount of money the plaintiffs’ attorneys and the fighters in the suit are likely to receive after the promotion settled with a total payout of $335 million.

According to a report from MMA Payout, attorneys representing the fighters are requesting no more than 1/3 of the UFC Settlement Fund plus interest, equating to roughly $10.05 million, and reimbursement of litigation expenses “of no more than $11 million” for an amount totaling just a hair over $21 million.

UFC lawsuit antitrust

The remaining $314 million will be distributed between 1,950 fighters across the two classes — the [Cung] Le Class and the [Kajon] Johnson Class. However, it should be noted that some fighters in the suit are represented in both classes. The Le Class, which consists of 1,290 members will receive 75% of the Settlement Fund while the remaining 25% will go to the Johnson Class, comprised of another 1,140 members.

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The plan of allocation would provide Le Class members an award from the Settlement equaling 25% [or more] of their total earnings from bouts from the Le Class period. The Le Class will be divided based on the number of fights in the UFC and their compensation at the time. The minimum amount of recovery is $8,000.

UFC lawsuit antitrust
UFC lawsuit antitrust

Certain Fighters under the Johnson Clash to receive 10% of their lifetime UFC earnings in settlement

Per the report, “Certain claimants from the Johnson Settlement Class will receive as much as 10% of their lifetime bout earnings.”

Payouts will also depend on whether or not the fighter had an arbitration agreement in its contract for the Johnson Class as the UFC changed its contract to include an arbitration provision during the Johnson time period. Those with arbitration provisions will receive $5,000.

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UFC lawsuit antitrust

Though he was not party to the lawsuit, former UFC fighter Nate Quarry will receive a $250,000 settlement for his claims which were outside the timeframe set by the parties in the lawsuit and was therefore left out.

Settlements will be sent out in separate payouts starting November 1, 2024, and again on April 1, 2025.

Information and screenshots courtesy of Jason Cruz