Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley is sick of hearing about the potential comeback of Nick Diaz.

‘The Chosen One’ who headlines UFC Vegas 11 against Colby Covington on September 19 is all for Diaz returning to the sport but doesn’t like all the uncertainty surrounding the Stockton, California natives future fight career.

“If you want to fight, fight,” Woodley said on The Hollywood Beatdown on TMZ Sports. “We don’t need a big build up. We don’t need a test weight cut. If you want to fight, fight. Sign a contract and get in the octagon. It’s been so much talk about if he’s gonna fight. Even his brother, ‘Is he gonna come back?’ I think that they deserve the hype that they’ve gotten because when they were fighting years and years back, they weren’t getting paid hardly anything. Go back and pull up the public records on what Nate Diaz made the fight right before Conor McGregor. They’re kind of embarrassing compared to what he ended up making in that fight and the second fight.

“So when you look at it, I have to respect them for staying with it and staying to the point where they were still relevant enough to make the money that they probably deserved a long time ago. But if he wants to fight, just fight. What do we need to do this whole hoopla?”

Woodley is of the opinion that even if Diaz chooses to stay retired he has still done more than enough to earn his place in the UFC Hall of Fame, he said.

“If he comes back to the sport, I think it will be good to have another household name back in the sport competing. But if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. I think he’s done enough in his career, in my opinion, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

“I think (he deserves it), because he was one of the original bad boys,” Woodley continued. “There’s some people in the Hall of Fame that had never won a world title, whether it’s just a fight, there’s so many different categories of it. But when you think about it, he came over from Strikeforce, he had a crazy reputation then, and I think you’ve got to take some of that into account when you’re thinking about a Hall of Fame inductee. They bought the organization, they bought the rights to all those fights, so I think the accolades have to come with that.”

Do you agree with Tyron Woodley? Should avoid too much build-up ahead of his MMA return?

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