Twitter Reacts To Jon Jones ‘F*ck The Police’ Video

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A quiet Monday in the mixed martial arts world was interrupted when Jon Jones revealed he’d been in trouble with the law yet again. After a 2015 New Mexico hit-and-run had seen the young New Yorker stripped of his title, Jones avoided jail time, eventually receiving a fine and 18 months probation. We’d hoped this would be the last of ‘Bones” run-ins with the law, but he’s once again dancing with the devil, and his latest snafu is controversial to say the least.


After being pulled over by the New Mexico Police for allegedly drag racing on a 35 mph road, the former light-heavyweight champion displayed some less than savoury behaviour. Colorful language was on show, and Jones was lucky to avoid further trouble from the officer in the end.

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Check out the video, followed by the Twitter reactions:

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So yet again Jon Jones is being scrutinized by the MMA world, and again it involves an alleged driving offense. Whether or not he’s in violation of his probation will be up to a judge on April 5, when ‘Bones’ is scheduled to answer for his five tickets received from the officer last week. It seems like a broken record in the case of Jon Jones and his driving blunders.

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