TUF Future and Brock Lesnar

Weeks back Mr Dana White mention the idea of Having Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir as coaches of the next season of TUF. But right after that there was news about Mir fighting Brendan Schaub, making the TUF idea almost impossible. That and also the fact that Brock turn it down, but according to Meltzer Lesnar would like to make a good paycheck by headlining WrestleMania, The Undertaker already made his move right after Cain Velasquez defeat him at UFC 121.

The idea that Spike got is to make Lesnar a TUF coach to make next season the highest rated since Kimbo was in. And at the same time allow Lesnar to headline WrestleMania, so it’s a win-win situation to all the parties involved. But is it? MMA is still a growing sport , and Lesnar was the biggest star the UFC had just a few months back, letting him do a WrestleMania could do damage to the legitimacy of the sport.

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Here is a very interesting case where it looks the UFC needs more a fighter rather than the fighter needs the UFC, if you think about it Lesnar is already famous, he does not need the money and if he wants a job he can get one with out getting punch in the face.

Dana White has to know he needs Spike after all they were the ones who open the opportunity to make TUF and let the UFC expand at a much higher level of mainstream. But at the same time will it be better in a short term and bad at a long term? what does it says about Brock Lesnar wanting do to more the WWE show rather than return to the UFC to bounce back, after all he was being sold as the baddest man of the planet a few months ago.

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Is this the proof that the UFC can hype anyone into whatever they want and make it so? And if so, is this good or bad for MMA in general? I’m sure many fans would like to see Lesnar / Mir as coaches happen and then watch the fight in PPV; Dana knows Lesnar already beat Mir and the odds will be on Lesnar side. But with so many options for coaches for the next season Wanderlei/Sonnen , Cruz/Faber , Torres/Faber among others will it be worth take the risk of letting Lesnar do WrestleMania just to get more more views on TUF ?

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Well its all in the hands of the president of the UFC now and im sure we will get the news soon about the future of TUF, and if it is indeed Mir and Lesnar then don’t be surprise if you see Lesnar in WrestleMania, after all it seems to be more business than sport when it comes to ratings and money.