Since last Friday’s (December 30) UFC 207, the internet has once again exploded with Ronda Rousey mania. After a year away from the octagon, ‘Rowdy’ attempted to make a big comeback against Amanda Nunes. As it turned out, the previously dominant star bit off more than she could chew. Taking care of business in 48 seconds, ‘The Lioness’ left Rousey with two straight losses and some decisions to make. Having already discussed retirement before UFC 207, Rousey’s future as a fighter is now potentially over.

When all is said and done, ‘Rowdy’s’ accomplishments in the octagon can never be erased. This did not stop the internet from reacting to UFC 207 with a barrage of brutal memes, though. Taking it to a whole new level this time, social media is still gushing, awash with memes and gifs of Rousey’s latest defeat. One particular troll job came from a fellow fighter in Michael ‘Venom’ Page. Releasing a video of himself dancing and mocking Rousey, the Bellator welterweight showed it’s not only fans who can be somewhat harsh.

Ronda Rousey Michael Page

Travis Browne Responds

UFC heavyweight and boyfriend of Rousey, Travis Browne is not amused by Page’s antics. Given the nature of the former champion’s difficulties after the Holm loss at UFC 193, this comes as no surprise. Taking to his Twitter account, ‘Hapa’ ‘tweeted & deleted’ this fight challenge to Page:



It seems Ronda Rousey‘s latest return has everybody talking about the sport again. Although she was out of the media all year, including during the pre-fight, ‘Rowdy’ continues to dominate the headlines. Did the UFC rush their biggest star’s comeback? Perhaps so, ultimately she may have been better served taking a ‘tune up’ fight before challenging Nunes. Props to WMMARankings for picking up the Tweet before it got taken down.

Final thoughts-did Michael Page go too far with his latest antics?