Top 5 Longest Reaches In UFC History

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Possibly the most important statistic when it comes to the “tale of the tape” statistics trifecta is a fighter’s reach. For those who don’t know, a fighter’s reach is measured by having the fighter spread their arms out to the side, making an “airplane” gesture, and the length from one fingertip to the other calculates their reach. This is also known as their “wingspan”.

Reach is such an important attribute because it allows a skilled striker to control the distance between himself and his opponent, keeping them at bay and within a comfortable striking distance. This provides the fighter with the luxury of being able to strike his opponent while his opponent can’t return fire successfully.

There have been many a rangy fighter in the UFC’s long and storied history, and here we’ll be taking a look at the longest of the long. They may not all be skilled stand-up artists who know how to use their reach to their advantage, but their’s obviously no denying that these men have some impressively long limbs.