Tom Hardy escapes tight guillotine choke in BJJ competition and ends up winning via triangle choke

tom hardy

A-List actor Tom Hardy is no stranger to BJJ competitions, and he just made his return to the mats once again over the last week.

Hardy began training for his role in the MMA movie titled Warrior, and he hasn’t let up since as he’s continued to pursue grappling. And, not only did he continue practicing the art, but he also began competing in tournaments, and to many peoples surprise, he’s won a number of them.

A few months following his most recent competition, Tom Hardy showed off his determination for victory when he escaped a very tight guillotine choke. Once escaping the choke, Hardy passed into his opponents side control, where it appeared he was going to take his back soon thereafter.

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However, before he locked in his hooks, he fell to the side and sunk in a triangle choke instead, which led to his submission victory.

A lot of people would have tapped to that guillotine he was locked in, but he kept his composure and it worked out well for him.

It’s not like Hardy will show up at any worlds tournaments any time soon, if ever, but his BJJ run has impressed a number of fans and peers. Most people in his position wouldn’t take the time out of their days, consistently, to continue training and improving in a martial art that truly takes an absurd amount of work to get proficient in.

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Tom Hardy is a 4th-degree blue belt in BJJ, meaning his next rank up will show him get awarded his purple belt.

In August of 2022, Hardy won ReOrg open championships in both gi (82.3 kg) and no-gi (85.5 kg) competition, earning gold in both.

How far do you think Tom Hardy can take his BJJ journey?

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