The Truth behind Todd Duffee's release is finally revealed

After many weeks of speculation and rumors as to why UFC heavyweight prospect Todd Duffee was released, the truth finally comes out. Travis from MMAscrapsradio got the inside scoop from a solid source

“Original fight (before Russow) was McSweeny but Duffee turned it down for a “bigger named opponent” He fights and losses, but that isn’t that big of a deal (it ends up being the way UFC can release him, but whatever) He accepts fight with Madsen, but then pulls out after mentioning that he needed time to do a movie. Apparently after that, he then said he was injured. UFC asked for paperwork from his doctor and it was sent, so he was covered there. He was given the go ahead to do the movie He tweeted some stuff about being broke and made comments about needing money. The final straw was when he talked a bunch of crap about the UFC to one of the UFC employee’s wives and Dana found out about it. That sealed the deal. Dana ordered him fired.”

In my eyes that sounds like a good reason to release someone but it doesnt take away from the fact that Duffee is one of the hottest rising stars in MMA. He currently holds a solid record of 6-1 with his only loss coming to the hands of Mike Russow who after being dominated for two rounds came in with a right hand out of nowhere and knocked him out. Duffee also holds the fastest KO record in the UFC. Look out For Strikeforce to try and add this kid to their already stacked Heavyweight division