The Good Die Young: Paying Tribute To Fighters Who Passed On Tragically Early

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Join us as we pay tribute to the tragic stars of combat sports who were taken from this world way too early…..

Once in a while in combat sports we are gifted with talents that were simply made for this world. Fighters are born, not made, and too often we see these natural talents taken from this plane of existence long before their time is due. The gap between fans and combatant shrinks when tragedy strikes and the combat sports community is all too used to this sad reality.

There are many bright stars that have been snatched from this world far too early, some during their prime and others that had given all they could during their pugilistic careers only to pass away long before their golden years kick in. The saying ‘The good die young’ rings true in all of the cases in this article.

Of course there are countless examples of fighters over the past 20 years alone that could fit this profile, but we’ve compiled just a few, in an attempt to pay tribute to the athletes that sacrificed so much during their careers in the name of entertainment and competition, and died so tragically young.

Check out the accomplishments and video tributes to the some of the greatest fighters who passed on too early….