Stephen Thompson recently went in-depth about his time shared with Conor McGregor on The Ultimate Fighter.

After recently assisting Conor McGregor with season 31 of TUF, Stephen Thompson has opened up about what it’s like to star alongside the superstar on camera.

Last seen at UFC Orlando headlining against Kevin Holland, the Karate phenom is currently 3-2 in his last five. While hopes of acquiring a title are still his main pursuit, ‘Wonderboy’ spends much of his time coaching at his own gym and most recently: on The Ultimate Fighter coaching alongside Conor McGregor.

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Stephen Thompson opens up about coaching alongside Conor McGregor on TUF 31

“He’s a showman, for sure…” Stephen Thompson said on Submission Radio. “On and off-screen he’s very nice, but it’s just something that switches. It’s really cool to see. His voice amps up, he looks like 20 pounds bigger whenever the camera is on. It’s funny ‘cause we took a picture together, I don’t know if you saw that picture, he looks bigger than I am, but I’m bigger than him… He knows how to like inch forward, and make himself look bigger. It’s pretty cool to watch, I would never think of that, but you know, that’s his persona. He carries it very well.”

Thompson did say that McGregor was a blast to work with. Despite speaking about his showmanship, person-to-person, McGregor seemed to have been a cool guy, according to ‘Wonderboy’.

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While Thompson’s next fight has not been announced, he seems to be eagerly awaiting his next matchup. Conor McGregor is currently coaching opposite of Michael Chandler, and after the filming of TUF 31, the two will eventually throw down.

How excited are you to see the return of Conor McGregor, and who do you think wins in the fight between him and Chandler?

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