VIDEO | Sean Strickland Turns His Back, Gets Strangled At SUG 29

Sean Strickland

Sean Strickland suffered what can only be described as a hilarious defeat at Submission Underground 29 on Sunday.

The UFC middleweight was in the main event slot against Andy Varela and appeared to be having fun throughout the grappling match.

At one point Strickland turned his back on his opponent and seemed to be gesturing to the crowd.

It proved to be a costly mistake as Varela leaped onto his back and sank in a rear-naked choke before forcing the tap.

Chael Sonnen was on commentary duties for the event and found the situation ridiculously funny.

Check out the match-ending sequence below.

Sean Strickland Didn’t Realise What He’d Signed Up For

After falling short at SUG 29, Strickland took to social media to signal his intent to stick to boxing in the future.

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“I didn’t consent to that at all lol!!!!”, Strickland wrote alongside a post-fight video.

The 30-year-old claimed to not know he was in a submission wrestling match despite the fact the event was called Submission Underground.

“Lol!!!! You think I would of expected that but I thought we were wrestling! I guess I should of known from the name “SUBMISSION underground” lol!!!!

After breaking character for a moment to poke fun at the situation and exchange messages with amused fans, Strickland was back to his usual ways, conjuring potentially life-ending situations upon himself.

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“Went to Portland because there is only so much porn and video games someone can handle in a weekend and I gotta be honest it saddens me life isn’t like a movie.. I just wish some random act of violence would happen to me while walking down the street. Minus the dying part lol,” Strickland wrote on Twitter.

Strickland then posted a video explaining the type of situation he hoped would happen.

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“Not like a gun,” Stickland said. “A gun you’re fucked, man. You’re just f*cking dead but a crazy homeless guy with a knife, that sounds like a good time. The sh*tty part is it just hasn’t f*cking happened.”

Strickland is currently riding a five-fight win streak and is undefeated since stepping up to middleweight. Last time out the controversial contender picked up a victory over Uriah Hall, beating the Ultimate Fighter runner-up handily over five rounds.

Do you think Sean Strickland really didn’t know he was in a submission wrestling match at SUG 29?