Sean O’Malley Takes Inspiration From Tony Ferguson’s Crazy Training (Video)

Ferguson O'Malley
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Tony Ferguson appears to have revolutionized training in mixed martial arts.

“El Cucuy” has always been known for his unorthodox training techniques and methods, and that was further exemplified when he recently posted some footage that went viral.

Now other fighters are following suit such as UFC bantamweight prospect Sean O’Malley who decided to diversify his own training routine following Ferguson’s video.

You can watch it below:

“Thank you @tonyfergusonxt for the instructional video,” O’Malley posted on Instagram.

O’Malley is not the only fighter who has poked fun at Ferguson’s training techniques. UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad also posted his own version earlier this year.

The only question now is if any of these fighters can actually go ahead with Ferguson’s training techniques on a 24/7 basis like he does.

What do you think of Ferguson’s unorthodox methods?

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