Sage Northcutt Reacts To Dana White’s Retirement Suggestion

Sage Northcutt
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Former UFC star Sage Northcutt’s ONE Championship debut this past May didn’t go according to plan. Northcutt was knocked out in the first round of his fight with Cosmo Alexandre in devastating fashion. He only lasted 29 seconds before being finished.

In the process, Northcutt suffered eight fractures in his face that required a lengthy surgery to repair. Shortly after the loss, his former boss, UFC president Dana White, suggested that Northcutt retire from MMA.

“I would really like to see Sage Northcutt retire,” White said. “I hope he does. Good looking, charismatic kid, smart. He was an engineer, taking college to be an engineer. He’s got a lot going on in his life.

“This isn’t the sport for him. I don’t want to sound like I’m sh*tting all over the guy because I really like the kid a lot, but this isn’t the sport for him. I would love to see him retire before he seriously gets hurt.”

Speaking to MMA Fighting recently, Northcutt offered his response to White’s comments, saying he doesn’t understand the logic behind them.

“For him to say something like that, after that injury, I don’t understand the exact logic of why he would say something like that,” Northcutt said. “Before, he was wishing me to do great in everything I happened to do in the future, and (to) say something like that is totally different.

“I’m sure he’s had a few fighters from the UFC go to ONE Championship and I’m sure he—I’m not sure what exactly he wants to see from those fighters, but I’m sure he would like them to be fighting for his league. Me fighting for ONE Championship is great, and I think I’m gonna accomplish great things.”

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