Sage ‘Northbutt’ Blasts YouTube Star Calling For UFC Debut

Sage Northcutt Exploring
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

YouTube star Logan Paul might just get his shot in the UFC after all.

After his high-profile amateur boxing fight vs. KSI earlier this month, Paul set his sights on a possible UFC fight. Paul has a brief background in high school wrestling. He believes that would benefit him in a potential mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

Paul recently sent out a Tweet suggesting that the potential of landing a fight in the UFC excites him. One UFC fighter has stepped up to the challenge (or lack thereof) by responding to the YouTube sensation on Twitter.

Sage Northcutt responded to Paul’s Tweet and asked Paul to “Let me know when you wanna catch these hands”:

Paul responded to Northcutt, making a play off his name and referring to him as “Northbutt.” He told the UFC welterweight to bring it:

Even “Platinum” Mike Perry is getting in on the fun. He Tweeted out to Paul that he and his friends and Jackson-Wink would be happy to train him for a potential UFC fight:

Interesting how Jackson-Wink might consider training a mere YouTube star when they’re dealing with issues over a longtime gym member and UFC veteran.

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One man who is absolutely against the whole ordeal is Darren Till. The Englishman will challenge Tyron Woodley for the UFC welterweight title next month at UFC 228.

Till took to Twitter and bashed a potential Logan Paul appearance in the UFC. He told the controversial YouTube star to stay in his lane:

“Every day is hard as fuck, every day is a little more harder on your physical & mental state.

“Then ye get a cunt coming along like this youtuber fella thinking he can mix it in the fuck off will ye mate and don’t embarrass our sport.”

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