Snooker Icon Ronnie O’Sullivan Details Plans of Grappling Paddy Pimblett

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Following a seventh World Snooker Championship, Englishman Ronnie O’Sullivan expresses an interest in working alongside the UFC’s newest superstar in Paddy Pimblett.

O’Sullivan has detailed plans on grappling with UFC lightweight Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett. The 46-year-old has his sights set on a new challenge after feeling he has done all he can in the sport of Snooker after attaining his seventh World Snooker Championship.

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The world number one announced that he would undertake a period away from the sport in the hope of pursuing other interests that Snooker has prevented him from in the past. O’Sullivan became the oldest champion in the tournament’s history and joined Stephen Hendry at the top of the all-time great charts in Snooker, further cementing his legacy.

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One of O’Sullivan’s biggest passions is MMA, and he has previously been spotted at fight night events. The Wordsley born is known to be friends with the Pimblett, who has begun his own career under the UFC with a bang.

Ronnie O’Sullivan on Paddy Pimblett and MMA

“I was always a boxing fan, but then I watched a couple of UFC fights, and I absolutely loved it,” said Ronnie O’Sullivan. “The grappling, there is such skill involved in that, then there’s the fighting side of it.

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“I’m into UFC, cage fighting, even Cage Warriors, the guys who are coming up. Some of those fights are brutal because they want to get to the UFC and they’re fighting for their lives there.

“I went to Paddy’s gym to watch his drills and I was open at the time to getting into a cage to do a bit of sparring. At some stage I will go to the gym in Liverpool and get grappling.”

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When do you think we can see Ronnie O’Sullivan and Paddy Pimblett get some grappling rounds in?