Ronda Rousey Says She Has Two More Years Left In MMA

Ronda Rousey has been the face of Women’s MMA for a long time now, the Bantamweight UFC champ has set the bar for her peers in and out of the cage. She is set to face off against Miesha Tate after this season of TUF, but with news of big movie roles coming in; the future may be uncertain as far as MMA is concerned.

Rousey spoke to to discuss her future with the UFC:

“I am the best (expletive) fighter in the world, and I truly believe that, but you’re still rolling the dice no matter who you are, so I do have to kind of set up an exit strategy. That’s what I did wrong in judo. I followed it all the way until the end, and I didn’t put any thought into after.”

“I just had 50 hours of driving to reflect, which is one of the reasons I love road trips so much because no one can (expletive) with me, and I can just talk and organize my thoughts and Ronda Rousey UFCthink,” Rousey said. “I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up that I can’t talk to you about.”

It seems all of a sudden that Rousey is revealing her big plans, I suppose I got so used to seeing her armbar people that I thought she might do it forever. It seems that MMA is another stepping stone in the incredible life of Rowdy.

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“I think one profession has a much-longer shelf life than the other,” Rousey said. “My last fight, I was kind of forced to face my mortality a little bit. I had an air of invincibility about me, and I was kind of forced to realize statistically there is a chance you could get permanently hurt or even die. There’s only so many times you can roll the dice.”

Rousey was then asked how long she thought she had left in the MMA game:

“I’d say two more years, so I’ve got two more years to get the ball rolling without me,” Rousey said. “‘TUF’ was the first step. It’s not the last one, but the work’s getting done.”

At the age of 26, Ronda certainly seems to have a good idea of how she wants her life to pan out. It looks like she doesn’t plan on fighting in to her 30’s, but she is not yet done with it.

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Having already accomplished Olympic, and now UFC fame, we might be looking at the next superstar MMA/actress crossover. Or maybe even the first?