Ronda Rousey appeared in her first public interview since her TKO loss to Amanda Nunes in the main event of last December’s UFC 207, but it wasn’t to talk about anything related to her up-in-the-air UFC future.

Instead, Rousey discussed her new coaching role on ABC’s ‘Battle of the Network Stars’ on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ this morning (Wed., July 5, 2017), and talk then shifted to her engagement to UFC heavyweight Travis Browne before taking a turn for the strange.

Apparently, some thugs broke into Rousey’s home while she and Browne were on vacation in New Zealand, which is where ‘Hapa’ popped the question. And the vandals got away with quite the haul, even if it didn’t end well for them (quotes transcribed by MMA Weekly):

We stopped by the house right before we were going to go to the airport and he was going to sneak away and go ask my mom for permission but right when we got to the house, we realized we were robbed. Someone had been squatting in my house for like three days, sleeping in my bed.

“[They] stole my Olympic rings, stole my guns, stole all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house, credit cards.”

Rousey explained that her security cameras caught the criminals with shocking ease, as the not-so-smart robbers were skaters who frequented a nearby skate park in their home base of Venice, Calif. With the cam footage aiding him, Rousey revealed how quickly Browne tracked them down, being ever-so-careful to not physically assault the criminals:

“We have security cameras so we looked back at them and we saw that they were a bunch of kids with skateboards and there’s a famous skate park right across the street cause we’re in Venice. So my man’s 6’7” like 260 [pounds], he like beelines it straight to the skateboard park, finds the guys right away.

“He’s smart enough not to [hit them], we’ll get sued pretty hard, but he found the police right then and they caught them.”

But even though the situation ended up as well as it could have for the embattled former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, it still understandably doesn’t sit well with the onetime queen of MMA. She thinks the robbers knew it was her house for sure, something that is probably the case after she was previously tagged with graffiti shortly after her latest defeat earlier this year:

“They knew it was my house,” Rousey said. “There’s no way you can’t not know it’s my house. What little punks.”

So Rousey was able to find some just desserts for the squatters who robbed her of her valued possessions, and is now set to resume her career in the limelight on major network television. Add that to her engagement to Browne and her life is obviously full even without any discussion of the sport she ruled with an iron fist.

The legions of fans who once thought she could defeat many of the male bantamweights fighting in the UFC would most likely like an explanation of where, if anywhere, her fighting career is headed, but judging solely on what she chose to talk about in her first public interview since losing to Nunes, fighting isn’t at the top of her list.