Ray Borg Issues Statement After Missing Weight, Revisits Past Retirement Claim

Ray Borg
Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports
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Ray Borg has once again missed weight in the flyweight division.

Borg stepped on the scale for his UFC Rio Rancho bout against Rogerio Bontorin tomorrow night, and came in heavy at 128 pounds. This is the fourth time Borg has missed weight in the UFC. Borg was given an extra hour to cut the remaining weight, but even after that, he weighed in the same. The 26-year-old took to Instagram and noted that he has been extremely disciplined throughout his camp, and even followed along with the UFC Performance Institute’s suggestions and protocols for weight cutting.

He used the extra hour to the best of his advantage, but the weight simply wouldn’t come off. As for his past vow to permanently retire from MMA if he misses weight again, Borg said that’s the last thing on his mind at the moment.

“Wish I had an excuse but I don’t, my camp knows that this is the most disciplined I have ever been during camp, weight was good all camp and all week. I stayed in contact with the crew at the UFC PI all week and followed all their protocols. The more we started cutting the less that started to come off, we were dedicated to making the weight and took the extra hour they gave us and did what we could with it.

“We asked for more time with all the intentions in the world to make the weight but unfortunately they only allowed us an hour. We still have a fight to win tomorrow and all my focus is on that, I was so confident in my ability to make weight that I even vowed to retire if I missed weight again, which is a subject that currently is not on my mind at the moment .

“I will put on a good show for my home town tomorrow night, thank you to my team for all the help along with my manager and the rest of my crew that was apart of this camp. Sorry to my opponent and his Team for the unprofessionalism and hope to put on a good show tomorrow.”

Even if he moved up in weight, Borg has missed weight for a bantamweight contest before, and missed weight in two separate flyweight contests before today. As for Borg’s scheduled opponent, Bontorin, he successfully made weight. Borg will forfeit 30 percent of his fight purse for the weight miss.

What do you think about Borg missing weight yet again? Do you think he needs to move up in weight?

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