Raquel Pennington: I Wanted To Fight, Not Hug Holly Holm

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Unfortunately for Raquel Pennington her long awaited rematch with Holly Holm didn’t go as planned. After losing a split decision to the former champion back in 2015, ‘Rocky’ was determined to right that wrong. However, she again found herself on the wrong side of the decision against ‘The Preachers Daughter’, who utilized lots of work on the cage to get the win. Holm emerged victorious with a unanimous decision and scorecards of 30/27, 30/27 and 29/28. In a brief statement on Instagram, Pennington expressed her disappointment at how things went at UFC 246.

Well it was not the fight I wanted after waiting 5 years. I wanted to fight not be hugged the whole time but that’s the fight game for you. Regardless I’m always thankful for my team, coaches, fiancée, family, friends, and true fans. ❤️ #ontothenextone #TeamRocky #headheldhigh

Speaking to the Colorado Springs Gazette ‘Rocky’ offered a little more of her opinion about the fight and the tactics employed by her opponent Holm, she said.

“A lot of people don’t realize when someone is using all they have to hold you there it’s tough to get off the cage. I’m pissed and frustrated. This is a fight I’ve been waiting for for five years and this girl stalled and hugged me the whole time. She didn’t even want to fight me.”

Pennington was not the only one frustrated with what went on during the UFC 246 co-main event. Dana White talked to media about almost walking out during the fight, but leveled criticism not at the fighters but the referee.

“Not to mention the fact that the ref let them clinch for four minutes for three f*cking rounds and they fought for a minute. That was a problem too. Driving me crazy, man.

“If you are not doing damage or advancing your position, you split the fighters up and make them actually fight. And I like this guy, I don’t want to bum this guy out, but he’s running around the Octagon, I’m like what f*cking fight is he watching? He’s moving around like he’s trying to stay out of the way, like there’s a f*cking war going on or something, and these guys are leaning up against the fence for four minutes. Are you sh*tting me right now? I literally almost got up and walked out of that fight, I was so frustrated. (Transcribed by MMA Fighting)

Is Raquel Pennington right to be angry about Holly Holm’s tactics at UFC 246?

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