Rampage talks about fighting Shogun Rua and Griffin after he gets through the "irrelevant" Rashad Evans

Quinton Rampage Jackson is set to face his arch rival “Suga” Rashad Evan at UFC 114 for the number one contender spot for the Light Heavyweight championship. Rampage feels confident that he will be victorious at UFC 114 and sets his eyes upone Shogun Rua and Forrest Griffin, who have dealt Rampage 2 of his 7 losses:
“I want to go get Rashad. Nice warm-up fight, kick his ass. Fight Shogun, redeem myself for my sleep, for my mind. Then go and beat the hell out of Forrest, retire him,” Jackson told us yesterday as he pondered what would be a perfect run for him.”
Fighting Evans and Shogun seems likely however, fighting the former Light Heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin seems very unlikely for now:
“Only reason is because of the way Forrest acted afterwards, when he knows he lost the fight. You go back and watch the footage when they said he won, he was so surprised. That fight was a controversial fight just like Machida-Shogun 1 was a controversial one,” he says. “But Forrest was the poster boy because of TUF and me, well…”
Rampage believes that if he somehow loses to Evans, he does not deserve to get his belt back. Wolfslair product says the UFC 114 could be do or die for him:
“I feel like fighting Rashad is a step backwards, because he doesn’t have the belt anymore. But if things go right, this will be a nice warm-up fight for Shogun. If everything works out it will be nice. Everybody knows I took time off, it would be stupid to go right into a title fight with Shogun so this will be a good test for me. If I lose to Rashad I don’t even deserve to get my belt back!”
Rampage and Evans will finally face off at UFC 114 as the main event of the night. Other fighters featured on the card are Michael Bisping, Lil Nog and Diego Sanchez.HT: FightersOnly Magazine via MMAMania.com