Rafael dos Anjos Fined After “Knowingly” Violating Reebok Uniform Policy

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Well, it seems as if yet another fighter has been fined for violating the UFC’s and Reebok’s uniform and outfitting policy.

Recently, lightweights Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Nate Diaz, who both competed at December 19’s UFC on FOX 17 from Orlando, received punishments. Now, the king of the lightweight division, Rafael dos Anjos, who destroyed Cerrone at this very event has joined the team of rebels.

Apparently the Brazilian boss decided to wear an Evolve MMA shirt to the weigh-ins prior to the event rather than the Reebok clothing he was ordered to wear, and has since endured a “significant” fine from the promotion.

Not only did he violate the rules, but apparently dos Anjos was well aware of what he was doing according to UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products Tracey Bleczinski. Bleczinski recently spoke on the situation, claiming that fighters are warned, and are only punished when “knowingly” going against company policies:

“A warning is issued when an athlete is non-compliant but agrees and takes steps to correct the infraction,” Bleczinski told MMA Junkie. “There is ample opportunity for an athlete to correct an infraction. The equipment department, as well as our athlete relations teams, are onsite at the event throughout event week, helping the athletes to be compliant. A payment reduction is enacted when an athlete knowingly and seriously violates the policy after receiving an opportunity to correct it.”

While the backlash towards the Reebok deal has been highly apparent since the policy’s inception, it seems as if more and more fighters are shrugging off the rules so to say and going about things as they please.

Could this be a sign for the future? Will fighters began to boycott the deal until they are given more suitable conditions?

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