Rachael Ostovich was last seen in Combat Sports action when she faced Paige VanZant at BKFC 19. Since then, Ostovich has been pretty inactive and has seemingly made a living off of her premium subscription site.

Recently, she broke the internet when posting a teaser to her Instagram that contained photos of her in a cowgirl bathing suit outfit. It seemed that fans and people in general really enjoyed the photos, as it’s now landed Ostovich back into the spotlight for the first time in years.

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While no word has been broken about Ostovich’s return to the combat sports world, one can imagine her time with the UFC has come to a permanent end. Between BKFC and other MMA promotions, Ostovich should have no problem getting another fight: but, it’s up to her if she even does want to fight anymore.

What’s next for Rachael Ostovich after her BKFC 19 victory?

After the fight with VanZant two years ago, Ostovich went on record saying that she had fun fighting for BKFC and that another bout under the promotion was not off the table.

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“Bare knuckle, totally different sport. Honestly, when you get in there, it’s fun,” Ostovich said (H/T brobible). “I was having fun. I was talking. I was bout it. I was down. It was great.”

“It’s definitely up to my manager. I can say yeah [I’ll fight bare-knuckle again] all I want up there but, when it comes down to it, it’s got to be on the paper and I’m sure they’ll have a good talk after this.”

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First getting her chance to fight in the UFC from season 26 of The Ultimate Fighter, Ostovich would go on to leave the promotion with an 0-3 record. However, it is worth mentioning she’s 1-0 in BKFC. Will Rachael Ostovich ever fight again? Only time will tell. Until then, it seems her fans will eagerly be following her career through the virtual window into her life that is social media.

Would you like to see Rachael Ostovich fight again?

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