The very same man that made $240K betting on Holly Holm to beat Ronda Rousey is taking a big punt on Miesha Tate….

Vegas Dave is known for taking big gambles, and has recently turned his hand to the betting game that follows professional MMA. A 15-year veteran gambler in various different guises, Vegas Dave is widely regarding as one of the most talented betting men in the genre, recently winning 2.5 million dollars betting on the world series.

So what brings him to the MMA niche? Well, we first heard about Dave following his monster win on the massive underdog Holly Holm at UFC 193. ”The Preacher’s Daughter’ faced Ronda Rousey in Melbourne, Australia, and came in to the fight against massive and ridiculous odds. For Vegas Dave, those odds paid off massively with a $240K take home from a $20K bet.

Now he’s apparently planning on a ‘record breaking bet’ on another well known UFC bantamweight, Miesha Tate. Check out the scoop fromĀ MMA Digest:

Having unsuccessfully challenged Ronda Rousey twice during her tenure as UFC and Strikeforce champion, ‘Cupcake’ has been contemplating retirement since getting snubbed for the trilogy maker in favor of Holm. The UFC has perhaps lost their biggest asset in the pursuit of greed, or maybe they planned it all along?

Enough scathing speculation, as fun as it is, and on to the point. Would you bet on Tate winning the UFC title with Ronda Rousey now potentially out of the picture? Perhaps ‘Rowdy’ wins the rematch with Holm, surely Tate’s odds decrease greatly with the ex-champ returning to glory?

Vegas Dave, he may be a great gambler, but is he throwing money down the drain on ‘Cupcake?’