Just three days away is the historic UFC 205 pay-per-view extravaganza. Featuring a host of truly incredible fights, the card is riddled with main event worthy stars from top to bottom. The prelims card alone at UFC 205 looks like a stacked PPV or maybe one of the best fight nights we’ve seen for a while. Hoping and most likely to make a big impression in NYC, the promotion has filled their basket with some golden eggs for November 12. Obviously the talk of the town has been focused on the lightweight title clash in the main event.

Facing Conor McGregor in his first lightweight title defense, Eddie Alvarez will look to play the role of ultimate spoiler. If ‘The Notorious’ is victorious, he’ll break that one record that few believed possible to attain. Holding belts in two weight divisions at once would propel McGregor’s career further in to the stratosphere. Perhaps more pivotal in terms of the sport’s future is the Irishman’s plight to double his belt collection in the UFC.

Conor McGregor-Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis’ UFC 205 Prediction

Having been brought in to train Conor McGregor in grappling before UFC 202, BJJ star Dillon Danis is now a mainstay at the featherweight champion’s camp. Once again helping the Irish striker work on his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for UFC 205, Danis has a rather bold prediction for how the fight will go down. Talking to our good friends Submission Radio, Danis says ‘The Silent Assassin’ won’t last as long as Jose Aldo did. ‘Scarface’ got starched in 13 seconds by McGregor at UFC 194 last December.

“I feel like it’ll be a knockout – either late in the first or maybe early second, or it could be a quick one. It could be quicker than Jose Aldo, maybe three seconds. He has a three-second knockout, so it could be really quick because Eddie just charges in and Conor’s too precise. He’s gonna pick him apart and he’s gonna knock him out, I feel. Yeah. Tell Eddie to come try. He’ll see what’s gonna happen. He’s gonna hit him from everywhere and if he tries to come in, he’s gonna elbow his face up. So he’s gonna beat him up bad, I think.”


“He’s Going To Kill This Man”

Talking more on the red-hot topic of UFC 205, Danis says McGregor is looking better than ever. He also discusses Alvarez’s style of trash talk during the eventful UFC 205 media call last week:

“He looks really sharp. I’ve never seen him like this. He looks ready to kill. Like he’s in great shape and he just looks super sharp. I was telling him yesterday, you’re gonna kill this man. I’m ready to see what’s gonna happen. On Saturday he’s gonna make history. I believe in him one hundred percent.”

“He was saying like all this stuff about the ‘little boy belt’ and stuff, but Chad (Mendes) is a better fighter than Eddie Alvarez. Jose Aldo would beat Eddie Alvarez up easy, I mean, who’s the more accomplished fighter? Everybody knows that Conor is. It’s just a sign of fear from Eddie trying to manifest him making fun of Conor or something, just to kind of get his emotions out because he’s scared. We’ll see who the better fighter is. Conor has beaten the better competition and it’s gonna show when he’s two-weight world champion.”