Poll: Was The Wild UFC 202 Presser Scene Staged?


After Conor McGregor showed up late, it didn’t take long at all for all hell to break lose at today’s UFC 202 press conference from Las Vegas.

Right when McGregor was asked about fighting Nate Diaz, whom he’s scheduled to rematch in the main event of this Saturday night’s UFC 202, for a third time, the Stockton bad boy promptly left his seat and stormed out with his entire team throwing up their collective middle fingers.

The scene only got worse from there, with Diaz’ team, including his brother Nick and former UFC title challenger Jake Shields, throwing water bottles at “The Notorious” from afar. McGregor tossed back his own water bottles and cans of energy drink, causing a spectacle the likes of which we’ve never seen at a MMA presser before.

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While it was certainly a wild affair that will inspire media attention and presumably, interest in a card that may or may not have been lacking for hype in the midst of a never-ending summer of events, many were quick to call the entire thing staged to drum up just that – hype that had supposedly been missing after Diaz soundly trounced McGregor earlier this year and the rematch was removed from UFC 200.

It’s hard to imagine that the UFC would set up a scenario where McGregor and Diaz could potentially harm fans and media members by throwing foreign objects, yet there is no small number of MMA fans who still believe it was fake. What do you think?

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