Poll: Did UFC Make The Right Decision With UFC 205?

Conor McGregor 7

The UFC revealed some big news late last night when word came that Conor McGregor would meet lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in the main event of November’s massive UFC 205, the first major UFC pay-per-view from New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Following a week of misdirection and speculation featuring headlines detailing how McGregor would not fight at UFC 205, that Dana White wanted him to fight Jose Aldo, and how Alvarez would be fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov rather than ‘The Notorious,’ it’s clear it was all a ruse to hide their true intentions of booking the biggest fight possible for perhaps the biggest-ever card, one where McGregor attempts to become the first simultaneous two-weight class champion in UFC history.

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Since the announcement, the discussion has raged on that McGregor should have been made to vacate his featherweight championship, which he’s never defended since winning the belt from Aldo at December 2015’s UFC 194, and there’s also talk that the UFC played Nurmagomedov by offering bout agreements – which he reportedly signed – to face Alvarez at both UFC 205 and UFC 206.

Regardless, it’s clear the UFC is about making the biggest splash for their long-awaited NYC debut, and from a numbers standpoint, it’s hard to argue with the booking regardless of your opinion of if it’s fair or not. McGregor can also have the fallback title and the rematch with Aldo in his back pocket should he lose to Alvarez, so the UFC would get two huge McGregor title bout-headlined cards instead of one with this decision.

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What do you think? Was McGregor vs. Alvarez the fight to make, or should they have chose another option?