Round 1:

Font lands a nice front kick to start things off and establishes a jab, but Munhoz lands a nice leg kick. Font landing some great strikes and busts Munhoz’s nose open. The blood on Munhos’z nose is bothering him as he continues to favor it. After a brief scramble on the ground after a tripe the pair stand up. Font lands a front kick to the body and follows it up with a stiff jab. A good left hook lands for Munhoz and he lands another pair of hooks after.

Font lands a clean 1-2 combo and Munhoz responds with a right hand. A takedown attempt from Munhoz is stuffed and they continue to strike. Munhoz may have rocked Font with a shot and Font shoots in in a panic. Immediately Munhoz locks in the guillotine and Font taps out quickly.

Official Result: Pedro Munhoz def. Rob Font via R1 submission (guillotine, 4:03)