Paul Craig Batters Mauricio Rua – UFC 255 Results

Rua Craig

Kicking off the UFC 255 main card is a light heavyweight bout between Mauricio Rua and Paul Craig.

Round 1: Craig opens up with a leg kick. He continues to be aggressive with kicks to the head and stomach but Rua blocks. Craig does land a body kick but it doesn’t seem to affect Rua. Rua goes for a flurry. Craig times a takedown well and is in Rua’s half guard. Rua scrambles but Craig maintains control. Craig has Rua’s back but Rua reverses the position and is now in Craig’s half guard on top! Craig has Rua’s left leg locked but Rua still manages to land a few strikes from the top. The round comes to an end. Could go either way for the judges.

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Round 2: Craig opens up with leg kicks. Rua lands a left hook but Craig eats it like it’s nothing. Craig is employing a jab which is keeping Rua at bay in addition to his takedown threat. Craig lands a teep kick to Rua’s belly. Rua lands a one two but Craig eats it again before dodging another right and going for a takedown. Rua defends it for a bit before Craig completes the takedown. He has Rua’s back with two hooks in but Rua gets to his feet as Craig looks for another takedown. Craig gets him down again, has his black and flattens him out. Craig unleashes a number of shots before Rua taps and the fight ends.

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Official result: Paul Craig defeats Mauricio Rua via TKO (R1, 3:36).