Paddy Pimblett promises win over Tony ferguson at UFC 296: ‘He’s getting finished whether it’s in Timbuktu, or my mum’s garden’

paddy pimblett

Paddy Pimblett takes jab at Tony Ferguson’s training routine ahead of their December 16 clash.

The booking of Pimblett Vs. Ferguson is a prime example of how cruel the sport can be – the older fighter on the slide being fed to the young up-and-comer to gain a leg up. Ferguson’s career has hit a serious downturn, going 0-6 following his last win in the promotion back in June of 2019 against Donald Cerrone.

Age and damage has seemingly caught up with ‘El Cucucy’, but Ferguson is still intent on fighting and is booked to face Pimblett on the main card of UFC 296. Ahead do the fight, the 39-year-old has been training with former United States Navy SEAL and ultra-distance runner, David Goggins.

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Goggins is know for his intense training routine and motivational talks, the 48year-old has run 100 mile races through excruciating pain and broke bones.

Ferguson has been put through his paces, being filmed throwing up after an intense workout. While this may improve someone’s cardio and mental toughness, these are things that Ferguson has never lacked.

Paddy Pimblett shows off training oxygen training

Pimblett on the other hand seems to be taking a more measured approach to his training, showing off a V02 max test and a hyperbaric chamber. Pimblett also appears to have his weight under control, something which had been a point of concern in the past.

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“Getting the oxygen testing done today, this is what you’re meant to do Tony,” Pimblett said in his latest YouTube video. “Do it the scientific way, the oxygen testing. Not nine-thousand million steps on the stepper. Tony is getting finished whether it’s in Abu Dhabi, Timbuktu, Vegas or my mum’s back garden.”  (H/T Mirror)

Pimblett claims that his training has taken him to another level and seems full of confidence going into what is a pivotal fight in his career.

“The first 10 to 12 minutes is pretty easier, it’s when it starts getting into the 14-16km an hour range that it’s hard. When it started to get faster, I started to use my arms. Not bad for a pothead with a peasant haircut, the proof is in the pudding. Lightweight world-leading is 70.1 and I got 72, I am the f****ng boy.”

Paddy Pimblett shows off training routine

Who wins, Paddy Pimblett or Tony Ferguson?