Paddy Pimblett & GSP Talk About Weight Gain – “I Was Eating 10,000 Calories a Day”

Paddy Pimblett GSP weight gain

Rising UFC phenom Paddy Pimblett’s VLOG series has been an excellent way of keeping up with the rising star outside of fight camps, and his latest episode featured an extremely interesting interaction with the legendary Georges St. Pierre.

Running into the Canadian icon backstage at a Cage Warriors event, the two got to chatting about things, and one of the first questions GSP had was, “When is your next one (next fight)?”

“I don’t know,” Paddy Pimblett would respond. “As you can see, I’m fat now.”

The two would chuckle, and Pimblett would declare: “It’ll come back off, it’ll come back off,” talking about the weight.

“You’re young, you’ll get it back fast,” GSP told him. “In a couple of months probably,” Pimblett continued, talking about his next fight. “In and around July.”

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St. Pierre would then ask what the ‘walking around weight’ of ‘The Baddy’ was, to which Pimblett would respond: “Well, at the minute I’m fat.” He’d go on to continue, almost sighing. “At the minute I’m like 200lbs.”

UFC Legend GSP Warns Paddy Pimblett About Weight Gain and ‘The Baddy’ Opens Up About It

The legend would warn Pimblett not to let his weight get too out of control, and Paddy Pimblett would open up about the problem.

“Well, I’m starting to get it back down,” he said, “An excess of eating (is what caused it), I was eating like 10,000 calories in a day. Lots of pancakes with syrup and Nutella.”

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The two would eventually say their goodbyes and the young Liverpool fighter would later be a bit giddy about meeting the legend, and maybe a little relieved GSP didn’t give him more of a hard time about his weight gain.

“GSP says I’m not that fat. So if GSP says I’m not that fat, one of the GOATS, it’s alright. I’m not that fat!”

Here is the full Paddy Pimblett VLOG, with that interaction with GSP occurring around the six-minute and 20-second mark:

What are your thoughts on Paddy Pimblett’s weight gain?