Overeem Balks at Steroid Allegations; Points Finger at Lesnar

(Horsemeat is a helluva drug.)

In an interview with MMANews.com’s Chris Howie, Alistair Overeem flatly denies that his growth spurt over the past three years is attributed to the use of performance enhancers such as anabolic steroids, testosterone or growth hormone.

The Dutch-born K-1 standout, who made the jump to the heavyweight class in 2008 fighting just over the minimum weight and now tips the weigh-in scale at approximately 255 pounds the day before his bouts, says that his increase in muscle mass is a result of his diet and weight training regimens.

“People will always speculate” says Overeem, “I will be tested just like anybody else and like I’ve said before I weighed 235lbs in no time when I did not have to cut weight. Gaining 10lbs a year by lifting weights isn’t a big problem. Before I would cut between 22lbs-26lbs to get to the 205lbs weight limit. It was crazy. Now that I can eat and do not have to cut anymore(with his move to heavyweight division) it was easy to put on the extra muscle weight. I feel great.”

Set to defend his Strikeforce title for the first time since defeating Paul Buentello to win the strap in 2007, Overeem chalks the drug accusations up to jealousy. He says that there will be no problems with his pre-fight drug tests ahead of his May 15 Heavy Artillery main event bout with Brett Rogers and asks why no one has put as much attention on UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar who used to work for Vince McMahon’s steroid scandaled World Wrestling Entertainment organization.

“I don’t see or hear any of these types of accusations towards Brock Lesnar, yet he is even bigger than I am. They can test me all they want. I’ll be in the states soon and I will prove everyone wrong.”

Ubereem also responded to the recent allegations by M-1 Global president Vadim Finkelchtein that Alistair has obviously realized the benefits of steroids horsemeat to his strength and fighting career.

“Vadim has apologized to me for his remarks and stated that M-1 would agree with the athletic commission rules and testing and they do not want me to do all the extra tests. Sounds promising (for a Fedor fight).”

At the rate Fedor is fighting at these days this fight is unlikely to happen before 2013, but since “The Demolition Man” will likely grow exponentially by then, unless “The Last Emperor” moves up to super heavyweight, it likely won’t.

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