NAC Greatly Reduces Conor McGregor’s Punishment

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Conor McGregor has had a long-standing bone to pick with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) ever since he was dealt some stiff sanctions for his infamous water bottle (and Monster cans)-throwing battle with archrival Nate Diaz and his team at a pre-fight press conference for UFC 202.

McGregor has badmouthed the commission on multiple occasions since he was handed his punishment in October, but now, the outspoken champion has actually received some good news. With Nevada perhaps not wanting to miss out on the potential massive payday of McGregor vs. Mayweather, the commission chose to revisit ‘The Notorious” punishment today, reducing it to one sixth of the original $150,000 fine and half of the 50 required community service hours.

McGregor’s original fine was reduced to $75,000 about a week after the shocking $150,000 number – five percent of his $3 million purse for the massively successful card – was first announced in October. He’s now only faced with a $25,000 fine and 25 hours of community service, which also could mean Diaz could appeal his $50,000 fine and have his 50 hours also reduced.

According to a report from MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti, Nevada Deputy Attorney General Caroline Bateman laid out a “prosed settlement agreement” where she acknowledged that McGregor’s behavior, while inappropriate, didn’t necessarily affect the outcome of his fight with Diaz, like one of the fighters failing for performance-enhancing drugs, for example, would have. Because of that, she determined fining McGregor based ona percentage of his earnings “didn’t really work” and also that it didn’t add up to fine him more just because he made more than other fighters who could be in similar situations.

So with the punishment now a very workable fine and commitment to the community, the doors are clearly opening for McGregor to finally book his oft-discussed boxing match with Mayweather in Las Vegas.