Lance Armstrong is no fan of Jeff Novitzky.

Armstrong was investigated by Novitzky during his cycling days, before he soon admitted to utilizing performance-enhancing drugs. Now, Novitzky has been in headlines recently for his backing of Jon Jones, who recently delivered an abnormality in his pre-UFC 232 drug test.

Novitzky was on Joe Rogan‘s podcast recently to explain why Jones is being allowed to fight this weekend (Sat. December 29, 2018). Rogan shared a photo of them on his podcast, which Armstrong left a comment under. Here’s what Armstrong had to say:

“Aka The Star F*cker. Coupla ?’s – why the double standard for Jones and others? And let’s get right to it – what does the science and scientists say? I think I know the answer but let’s let the star f*cker speak to it.”

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Now, Novitzky has offered a response to Armstrong’s comments. Speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, Novitzky called Armstrong “the biggest fraud in the history of sports”:

“Asked Novitzky about @lancearmstrong’s criticism of him this week. “Lance Armstrong is the biggest fraud in the history of sports,” he said. He pays no attention to what he says, Novitzky added.”