Nate Diaz Isn’t Buying ‘UFC Bulls**t Publicity Stunt’

nate diaz

Nate Diaz has never really been your ‘go with the grain’ company man. During his time with the UFC he has flipped more birds than most rap artists, and has rubbed UFC president Dana White the wrong way many times. He famously sat out for a year because of contractual disputes, eventually returning to a large portion off egg to the face from Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC On FOX 13.

So now would be the time to show your worth as a company man, in the position of Nate Diaz, right? Wrong. Indeed the younger of the notorious Diaz bros. has taken to Twitter to once again blast his employers. This time he is PO’d with the way the promotion has handled the whole Jon Jones drug bust situation:

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White recently said that Jones’ drug test fail was a ‘great’ thingbut apparently Diaz isn’t on board with that opinion. On one level it’s hard to argue against how controversial this entire situation is, especially given the twists and turns, but surely a trip to rehab for Jones isn’t a bad thing?

We’ve discussed whether the UFC should have punished Jon Jones, and the outcome was a landslide vote for yes. As it stands, they quite clearly aren’t going to. Does Nate Diaz make a valid point, or is he trolling….again?