UFC flyweight Muhammad Mokaev is set to be sidelined for the next while, after suffering an injury in his recent fight. 

On the undercard of UFC 286, Mokaev would score an impressive victory over promotional newcomer, Jafel Filho, via a third round submission. However, after comfortably controlling the grappling exchange, the 22-year-old ran into serious trouble, getting caught in a kneebar attempt by Filho. 

Mokaev refused to tap, even with the leg being seriously hyperextended, causing the leg to curve and after hearing ‘six or seven’ cracks in his leg. 

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‘I felt his groin guard on my knee. I heard all the ripping and I was just waiting until it fully rips. I will never tap,’ he continued. ‘I know it’s a crazy thing to say. I will go sleep. If they don’t stop, I will never tap. Even if I end my career this way. I just have this principle.’ 

Muhammad Mokaev gives return timetable

With such a gruesome-looking submission attempt, one would expect a pretty severe injury that would result in a fighter being forced out for a fairly lengthy period. However, Mokaev seems to have made a lucky escape (sort of) and will only be out of action for a couple months with a grade 2 partial MCL tear and will not even need surgery.

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Alhadmulillah! 6-8 weeks I will be back training. Thank you for all your messages, I received crazy amount of the support about my knee! It’s a strap season for me and my people! I will be champion one day InshaAllah. 

Mokaev, 22,  is currently ranked No.12 in the UFC’s 125lb ranking and will have his eyes set on progressing upon his return.

Should Muhammad Mokaev have tapped?