top 10 greatest muay thai fighters

The Top 10 Fighters in Muay Thai History

Muay Thai is more than just competition. It is the modern representation of century after century of warfare, spiritual importance, culture, and...
history of muay thai

History of Muay Thai

There are fewer sports on the planet with a history and culture as rich and enduring as Muay Thai.
muay thai styles

Muay Thai Styles

For every budding Muay Thai practitioner, the day will come when they must choose a side. Sometimes, this side will be chosen...
muay thai flying strikes

Muay Thai Flying Strikes: What You Need to Know

As any seasoned Muay Thai enthusiast will tell you, nothing grabs hold of the senses quite like a perfectly executed flying strike....
muay thai fundementals

Muay Thai Fundamentals: Footwork and Guard

In combat sports, a fighter's stance is modified to enhance their attacking capabilities while negating those of an opponent.