Mousasi and GSP consider continuing training together

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Georges St. Pierre is set to defend his Welterweight title on March 27, at UFC 111. In order to prepare for this fight, GSP asked the Strikeforce Light heavyweight champion, Gegard Mousasi, to help him train for the dangerous striker Dan Hardy. GSP had this to say about his experience training with Mousasi:

“He’s amazing, he’s a great fighter, he’s an even greater human being than a fighter,” said St-Pierre. “He’s a great guy. We plan to train together.”

While, Gegard Mousasi is set to face King Mo at Strikeforce: Nashville and will be defending his title. Mo being a dangerous wrestler, Mousasi trained with one of the best wrestlers in MMA, Georges St. Pierre. Mousasi only had positive things to say about training with GSP.

“He’s very professional,” Mousasi told about his work with St-Pierre. “Made me look differently at how I’m training. I learned a lot and he’s a nice guy. I’ve never heard anyone say that he’s not a nice guy. He’s a very phenomenal athlete. It was great for me to train with him.”

Furthermore, Mousasi believes that if GSP wants to take his striking to another level, he should come to Holland and train with some of the best K-1 fighters in the world.

“Maybe he will come to Holland to work on his stand-up, because we have good K-1 stand-up fighters in Holland. Maybe I’d join him one time in his training camp when he has a fight so we can help each other,” Mousasi said.

Both these fighters plan to keep training together in the coming years and both of them will try to make successful title defenses in the coming months.


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