Mirko Filipovic: Best quotes

The following quotes are translated from a compilation of Cro Cop videos, I did not translate these quotes

Let me just start this article by saying that all those Chuck Norris jokes are bulls***, Cro Cop would roundhouse kick chuck Norris in the face. Norris was a “Texas Ranger” and Mr. Filipovic was a special forces operative. Nough said.

Cro Cop was the only fighter who I idolized for both his success and the things he would say, here are some of my favorite Cro cop quotes:


SEX: – Necessarily evil, I ain’t  fan of it.

Question: Can you open a beer with your bare hands?
Cro Cop: I can open it with my eye.


Question: Do you cry, maybe during the movie?

CroCop: I cried when I was watching Rambo 1 when they put him in a jail, it wasn’t cool, the man didn’t do anything, so that drew a tear to my eye. The sheriff started it first. I hate mistreatment. Peace, Freedom and Democracy for all. I would like to meet that sheriff which put Rambo in jail, he wouldn’t be a thug then for a long.

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Question: What are you afraid of?
CroCop: I am afraid of snakes, aggressive girls and loose dogs over 60 kilograms.

Question: How old are you?
CroCop: Well in looks 45, in intelligence 12, in reality 27.

CroCop: To be honest, I’m mostly scared of planes. All the rest is zero points all together. I’m always freaked out when it’s taking off. And the fighting and brawling and that, forget about it…
Question: What symptoms do you have?
CroCop: Well I don’t have any symptoms, but I have to have two stewardesses sit in my lap.


Question: Did you get any consequences from that? Every day someone chokes you?
CroCop: Well there’s a little bit of blood not going to the brain, but fffor nnow there isss no cccconsequences as I know only consequence is that he is ugly. Why do you think he has same girlfriend for 6 years. He was a phenomenon in Bosnia. Do you know he already start walking when he was 6 months old. He was so ugly that no one would carry him around.

CroCop: Women first of all has to be educated, must have good manners, I don’t like harsh words coming from women. Must be good looking, and must not ask many questions.


CroCop: I would like to be my dog.

Question: Why?
CroCop: Because he’s living the best life in the world. I don’t know if any other creature is living like that.
CroCop: Well there’s a saying: Fuck the dog if you can’t hit him.

CroCop: One time my wrist watch stopped from fear.