Mirko CroCop gave a interview to Index.hr/sport/clank. This Interview covers his upcomming fight with Former UFC HeavyWeight Champion Frank Mir, He also answers questions on his Future in UFC, why he took the fight,when he started to prepare, and how he thinks the fight will unfold. The quotes cannot be exact because it was translated, never the less this is generally what the deadly kickboxer had to say on the fight.


– he won’t be ready like he is supposed to be, due to five weeks notice

– he had a injury and he couldn’t do any boxing and wrestling, he just started training for a fight this monday

– he took this fight because Lorenzo called him, he owes it to the UFC and the fans, with UFC he made enough money to live comfortable, he owes that to them

– he already talked with UFC about new contract and fight in Oberhausen (Germany), for this fight he signed a one fight contract, and after the Mir fight they will about new contract

– he said Mir is excellent fighter, he is counter fighter so that might be good for him and that he is best ground fighter in the UFC

– he talked about Ivan Hyppolite and who he will train for this fight

– he also said, maybe i won’t be ready as I’m supposed to but i can still knock him out in first round.