Fat Joe Recounts How Mike Tyson Saved Him, Big Pun From 6 Bouncers Following Release From Prison

Mike Tyson

American-born rapper, Fat Joe recently recalled how former professional boxing champion, Mike Tyson came to his and the late, Big Pun’s rescue outside a nightclub soon after his release from prison – with Tyson chasing away six security guards before an altercation involving the hip-hop stars broke out.

Speaking candidly, Fat Joe revealed that himself and fellow rapper, Big Pun were almost involved in a physical altercation outside a nightclub – with six bouncers and security guards ordering a search on the latter.

“There was one night we was at The Tunnel,” Fat Joe said. “Me and Big Pun, rest in peace. And the security is telling him to take off his boots, they wanted to search under his boots. He’s a big guy, he didn’t want to. So they start arguing. ‘F*ck you, your mother’ This, that, going back and forth. Then it starts turning into two, three, four, five, six (bouncers) and they all just start saying, ‘Let’s beat up Big Pun and Fat Joe, I don’t care.’”

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To the rescue, however, came former heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson – with the then-29-year-old offering to beat up the security guards and bouncers – having recently been released from prison.

“So I’m telling Pun like, ‘Yo, Pun, we about to get knocked out.’” Fat Joe said. “So out of nowhere, we hear this voice, ‘Yo, Pun, Yo, Joe, let’s F these dudes up. I got your back.” 

“We turn around and it’s ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson,” Fat Joe said. “2:30 in the morning, fresh out of jail with the kufi on. So now he starts and everyone is looking like, ‘Oh my God, this is Iron Mike.’” MIke Tyson started chasing the bouncers that wanted to beat us up around the like 20 times and the bouncers are like, ‘Yo Fat Joe, Big Pun – please.’” (Transcribed by TalkSport)

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Mike Tyson would win the WBA and WBC heavyweight crowns in his return to boxing in 1995

Following his 1995 release from prison, Tyson would land a quartet of consecutive victories, defeating Peter McNeeley, Buster Mathis Jr. and then Frank Bruno, and Bruce Seldon to clinch the WBC and WBA heavyweight titles, respectively.