Mickey Gall has become somewhat of a well-known name in the mixed martial arts world over the past year. After calling out Phil “CM Punk” Brooks on an episode of Dana White’s Looking For A Fight, Gall made his Octagon debut last February, bulldozing through Mike Jackson. He will now get to face off with Punk, a former professional wrestler with no prior fighting experience, at September 10’s UFC 203 from Cleveland, Ohio.

Due to the fact that he’s never competed in a cage before, Punk has received quite a bit of criticism. With that being said, Gall feels as if needs to represent MMA in the upcoming fight, adding in that he’ll look like an ‘a**hole’ if he loses to Punk (Via MMAMania):

“I will look like an asshole if I get beat by CM Punk,” Gall told Sirius XM Fight Club hosts RJ Clifford and Steve Cofield. “People are treating him like a joke. I’m taking it very seriously. I want people to look at like I’m representing real MMA fighters, guys who grinded, guys who had to work shit jobs to be able to make a little money around their training schedule. I hope people look at it as I’m representing MMA. I plan to back that up.”

While Gall isn’t familiar enough with Punk to promise too many mind games, he did guarantee that he will dish out a ‘whooping’ on September 10th:

“A whooping is coming whether he talks shit or not,” Gall replied. “I don’t’ know. I’m really familiar with him as a wrestler. I did hear he was a big personality and a big talker. I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m not very familiar with him so it’s hard to get inside his head, but you know we are going to fight no matter what. I think … I get why they brought him over. I can see why people are disgruntled about it. There is money to be made with him. There is a lot of money to be made with him. There is a lot of eyes that he’ll bring. He will say pay-per-views. He will make money. I totally understand that. I think it’s a smart business move. And from what I’ve seen this guy is actually trying to be a fighter. Sure, he’s a professional wrestler, but I think he’s trying. I definitely think he is trying.”

Does Punk stand a chance against the 24-year-old Gall?