Michel Prazeres Defeats Desmond Green In Belem Showdown

Michel Prazeres
Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports
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Desmond Green was resilient, but couldn’t pull off a win over Michel Prazeres.

As we neared close to the co-main event of UFC Belem, Green and Prazeres had a chance to showcase their abilities. The action aired live on FOX Sports 1.

Prazeres connected with a leg kick. Green scored a takedown, but his opponent worked to get back to his feet. Green went to take the back, but Prazeres reversed. The two tied up and Green had the advantage.

The two returned to the center of the Octagon. Prazeres scored a takedown. The two scrambled on the ground. Time was called by referee Marc Goddard for punching to the back of Green’s head. The action returned standing.

A hard left hook landed for Prazeres early in round two. Green got a takedown and was in Prazeres’ guard. Green was pushed off quickly. Prazeres scored a takedown and earned mount.He locked in an arm triangle, but Green escaped and we were back to the stand-up. Prazeres then locked in a guillotine choke, but Green escaped yet again. He then transitioned to a north-south choke. Yet again, Green got out of a submission and the second round ended.

Green avoided a takedown early in the final round. The two tired a bit, but were still throwing leather.Green got in a combination. A left hand was there for Green.Prazeres landed a kick to the body, followed by a takedown. The final horn sounded with Prazeres in control.

Final Result: Michel Prazeres def. Desmond Green via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)