While obviously a pinnacle of health with his sculpted physique and insane fighting prowess, Michael Chandler recently took to Youtube to share some of the secrets behind his physicality.

According to Chandler, he’s got “Clinically high” testosterone levels, even at the age of 37. This factor may be what helps Chandler stay so physically impressive. As not only does he always have a shredded physique, but is known for doing backflips off of the cage and other insane feats of physicality.

Not only that but he’s just known to be a physically impressive fighter. His speed, power, and acceleration are all things that have helped him tremendously throughout his career and are traits he still utilizes today.

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Michael Chandler shares the secret of his clinically high testosterone levels

Speaking on his Youtube channel, Chandler began breaking down the situation and spilling the beans on some of the secrets to his amazing health.

“I just got my blood work done, got my testosterone levels checked, all of my levels checked,” said Chandler. “Your boy’s in good shape, your boy is in good health. And I was talking to the doctor that I did the blood work with and asked the question why is my testosterone in such a great spot? Why is it in a very clinically high position?”

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Michael Chandler went on to say that he worked out regularly, and always makes sure he eats well including taking vitamins and supplements to compliment his active lifestyle.

“Red-light therapy, using a sauna every now and then just to sweat out the toxins when maybe I don’t get a great sweaty workout in that week. So, lifting heavy weights, sleep, cold therapy, red-light therapy, and sauna. Those are kind of things that I think are contributing to my overall body feeling phenomenal.”

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A man who has been around at the top of the sport forever now, it’s obvious that Michael Chandler takes great care of his body. This is undoubtedly a giant factor in his longevity in the sport of MMA. Check out the full video from Chandler below:

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