Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold might well be the biggest beef to hit Australia in the history of combat sports….

UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold will finally get to settle their feud in Sydney, Australia, come November 8th. The two outspoken fighters have been engaged in a beef ever since “Rocky” was the Strikeforce champion, and it really heated up when the two were announced to meet at UFC Fight Night 55.

The alleged sparring session between “The Count” and Rockhold in 2012 seems to be the starter of this beef, or at least the comments that Bisping made after the fact. The Brit claims to have been making a joke about being “The new Strikeforce champion” after handling Rockhold in training. Rockhold, it appears, is rather unhappy with the comments.

I’m all for a good bit of drama leading up to a bout, but I feel that Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold is lacking somewhat. I think that it’s very entertaining, but more in a comedic sense. Mocking of beards, degrading of records, and just plain playground antics seem to be the calling card of each athlete. But hey, each to his own I suppose.

Seemingly well aware of the potential of drama provoking huge ticket sales, the UFC recently orchestrated an in studio showdown on FOX Sports, in a segment named “Counterpunch”. Jon Anik hosted the four-minute sit-down, and tried to get to the bottom of the bad blood between Bisping and Rockhold. Check out the video courtesy of FOX Sports: