Michael Bisping Suggests Chris Weidman Has ‘Weird’ Injuries Following USADA

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In the weeks since Michael Bisping won the UFC middleweight title from Luke Rockhold in shocking fashion at June 4’s UFC 199, there’ve been an windfall of potential challengers looking to get the next shot at ‘The Count’s’ throne.

Those names include previously unforeseen competitors like Georges St. Pierre and Dan Henderson, but perhaps no legitimate contender has been more vocal about a title shot than former champion Chris Weidman, who was originally scheduled to meet Rockhold in a UFC 199 rematch before a serious neck injury postponed that fight for now.

Bisping believes that Weidman, who lost the belt to Rockhold at last year’s UFC 194, should rematch Rockhold and the winner should face him. Weidman unsurprisingly thinks ‘The count’ is simply running scared and looking for an easier fight against ‘Hendo’ or ‘GSP.’ After the East Coast native voiced that thought online, Bisping fired back today (Sun., June 26, 2016) with the notion that Weidman should win a fight, as he seems to be suspiciously injured quite a bit in the post-USADA era:

Weidman then responded that Bisping was trying awfully hard to trash his name while looking for to fight seemingly easier opponents:

And the former champ didn’t stop there, adding that he would stop picking on a guy that ‘didn’t want to fight’:

So it seems the trash talk battle between Bisping, Weidman, and the rest of the suddenly wide-open UFC middleweight division is in full swing without an end in sight. With Weidman hopefully returning from his neck issue in time to fight at November’s monstrous UFC 205 debut in his home state of New York, a match-up with the British champion obviously makes sense from a pure marketing and magnitude standpoint.

Now it’s up to the UFC to find out just who wins the ‘Bisping Sweepstakes’ and actually gets the next crack at the belt.

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