UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping finally made it to the top of the stack at UFC 199, claiming the belt from his bitter rival Luke Rockhold in dominant fashion. Avenging his 2014 loss to ‘Rocky,’ the English 10-year UFC veteran placed a precise flurry of punches to the jaw of Rockhold, sending him to the canvas with his eyes rolling in the back of his head. Quite the finish from Bisping, and a dream come true after so many losses in title contender fights.

‘The Count’ had said that taking the fight with Rockhold on short notice would actually benefit rather than hinder his progress at UFC 199, but few believed that would be the case. As it turns out, not ‘over thinking’ and ‘over training’ really paid off, and now the British banger is enjoying the spoils of the coveted title.


But there’s unfinished business in many forms for the new 185-pound champion. Firstly, the feud with Rockhold is far from over. They shared a hate-filled post-fight press conference on June 4, where Bisping took every opportunity to belittle and mock his fallen opponent. It was bitter-sweet in many ways, as following their first fight Rockhold was far more respectful, but at the least you can say ‘The Count’ is no boring champ.

But his trash talking did land Bisping in a very compromising position in the past against Dan Henderson. The two had served as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter reality show, where the outspoken Englishman really got under the skin of the American MMA hero. The resulting knockout win for ‘Hendo’ at UFC 100 will go down as one of the greatest and most replayed finishes in the promotion’s history.


Few can forget that iconic snapshot in time, a moment where Henderson put to rest the beef with Bisping in front of a jubilant partisan crowd. Among those who haven’t forgotten is Bisping himself, and he recently stated he’d love to get the rematch with ‘Hendo’ as his first title defense, and as Henderson’s retirement fight.

But now he’s taken it a step further, totally blasting his old foe in an explicit tirade during this recent interview.

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Talking during his segment on FOX Sport’s Jay & Dan, the newly crowned middleweight boss wasted no time in blasting Dan Henderson as a cheating old man, stating he wanted to get revenge for the nasty knockout loss he suffered at UFC 100. As quoted by MMAFighting.com:

“Dan Henderson is a guy that actually does interest me. He obviously has a great knockout victory over me back in the day and he’s gonna retire soon so I want to get revenge for that loss before he retires. He was on testosterone replacement therapy in that fight. I didn’t even know that existed. Dan you’re a cheat. Let’s do it anytime you want, you old [undiscernible expletive].”

“He knocked out the posing dwarf, Hector Lombard. So if you want to come and try it – hey buddy, lightning doesn’t strike twice so if you’re interested sign on the dotted line you old piece of shit.”

After defeating Hector Lombard at UFC 100, it’s clear that ‘Hendo’ still has that one punch power, but will that be enough to repeat the glory of his UFC 100 win over Bisping?