How To Increase Punch Power?

How to increase punch power

People that train in striking arts like boxing and Muay Thai often have the same question. They want to know how to increase punch power.

Let’s go over all of the ways that you can increase your punching power. Everything from tips for proper technique and different types of training you can do to increase the power of your punch.

Proper Technique To Increase Punch Power

First and foremost, when you want to know how to increase punch power, it all starts with your technique. Proper punching technique will allow you to create the power and release it outward. Here is what you need to know about proper punching technique.

Punch Power

The Mechanics of a Punch 

To get the most power out of a punch, you must make sure that your mechanics are perfect. Many novices that first go into training think a punch is only the movement of your hand.

It is actually your entire body moving in unison to generate power for the strike. The power starts at your feet, moves through your core, and is released through your fist.

Your feet slightly turn inward to create the power. It then moves into your core that stays tight, while transferring the energy to your arm that releases the power.

Turning Your Punches Over

With your technique, one way to increase punch power that you may not be doing is turning your punches over. Turning your punches over accelerates the speed of your punch as well as the power.

Do a quick test to see the difference. Throw a punch where you don’t turn your hand over and then throw a punch where you don’t turn it over.

You’ll notice a vast difference between the power when you turn your punch over and don’t. That’s why you should always turn your punches over.

Punch Power 1

Which Knuckles Do You Use? 

When you throw a punch, you always hit with the knuckles of your index and middle finger. These knuckles are the hardest in your hands and stick out further than the rest of your knuckles.

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Hitting with your other knuckles like your pinky knuckle will be less powerful and likely lead to a break. That is why you always hit your target with your front two knuckles. You’ll generate more power and be less likely to injure your hand.

Punch Through Your Target

A big mistake strikers make when first learning to punch is not through the target. When they do something like punching a heavy bag, they target the front of the bag. 

The problem with doing this is you’re not getting the maximum output on your punch. All of the power stops at the object instead of going through it.

That’s why you must always punch through your target to get the maximum power on your punch. Make this adjustment and you’ll notice a vast difference in your punching power.

Punch Power 2

Sitting Down On Your Punches

You’ve probably heard the old boxing term “sitting down on your punches.” That saying means exactly what it says.

In order to generate power in your punches, you must focus your weight downward into your stance. Feeling your weight shift from your back foot to front foot as you turn your body into the punch.

Trainers tell their students to do this when they’re standing up too high and losing power on their punches. That’s why you always have to sit down on your punches in order to have power behind them.

Punch Power 3

How to Increase Punch Power Hitting the Heavy Bag 

If you practice any form of striking, then you probably routinely hit a heavy bag. It’s the best striking exercise to do alone to improve your cardio and strength, while improving your technique.

But there’s also methods you can implement into your heavy bag rounds to increase your punch power. Here are some heavy bag drills you can implement to increase your punch power.

Push & Pull Rounds

One sure fire way to increase punch power is by implementing what we’re going to call push and pull rounds. These are the types of rounds where you focus on one punch to generate power using a push and pull motion.

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One hand is touching the glove, while your other hand is chambered and ready to throw your power shot. For example, you’re working on powering up your straight/cross.

In one motion, your jab hand pulls back at the same time you unchamber your straight/cross. When you punch the bag trying to drive through the bag with as much power as you can generate.

You can do the push and pull method to develop power in every type of punch.

2-3 Power Punches

Another simple bag drill that you can implement is doing rounds of 2 to 3 power punches. Keeping your flurries to 2 to 3 punches where you focus strictly on power for each blow.

You can throw anything from two hooks, hook uppercut, hook straight two hooks and an uppercut, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

But remember when you do this drill to focus the most power in the last punch of the combo. In any combo you throw, the last strike should always be the most powerful.

Nonstop Punching Rounds

If you want to increase punch power, while also improving your conditioning, you should do nonstop punching rounds. Usually, these are done as burnout rounds at the end of a workout, but you can alter them into working on your power punches.

Just like normal burn out rounds, you’re going to be punching nonstop light punches for the entire round. But every 10 seconds, you’re going to sit down on your punches and throw a 2 to 4 punch combo. This is a great method to increase punch power while getting a good cardio workout.

How To Increase Punch Power Through Strength & Conditioning

If you’re serious about training in your striking art, then you probably already do some sort of strength and conditioning. Here’s how to increase punch power through different strength and conditioning exercises.

Push Ups

Push ups are not only a great strength building exercise, but also great for increasing your punching power. All top level professional boxers do push ups in their conditioning routines.

But the best thing about push ups is that there are numerous variations of the exercise. All of which will build up your punching power. 

Try doing multiple sets of any of these push up variations below that are listed from moderate to difficult.

  • Push Ups On Your Knees
  • Basic Push Ups
  • Wide Push Ups
  • Superman Push Ups
  • Diamond Push Ups
  • Knuckle Push Ups
  • One Armed Push Ups
  • Clapping Push Ups 
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Pull Ups

Variations of pull ups target all of the same muscles you use during a punch. Everything from your delts, pecs, biceps, triceps, lats, and rhomboids. Pull ups even strengthen and harden your hands, which enables you to hit harder.

Almost all top level fighters use pull ups in their strength and conditioning routines to improve strength and improve punching power.

Squats & Lunges 

Any good strength and conditioning routine include squats and lunges. This also includes routines for increasing your punch power. 

The power of your punches are generated in your legs, so strong legs create more power than weak legs. You should definitely into various types of squats and lunges into your strength and conditioning routine to increase your punching power.

Medicine Ball Exercises

The medicine ball was popularized by pro fighters for being a diverse piece of equipment that builds strength. There are numerous medicine balls designed to increase punch power and explosivity.

To increase your punch power, try implementing any of these medicine ball exercises into your routine.

  • Slam Balls (One Hand & Both Hands)
  • One Hand Push Throws
  • Two Hand Push Throws
  • Overhead Throws
  • Rotational Throws
  • Russian Twists
  • Weight Sit-Ups/Crunches
  • Lunges 
  • Squats
  • Jump Squats


Using dumbbells are a great way to increase your punch power. Exercises like curls, rows, and presses will definitely increase your strength and power.

But by far the best exercise you can do with dumbbells to improve your punching power are punches. Small weights are great to use when shadow boxing to add a little weight to your punches.

You can do all the same movements you already do in boxing training just with holding small dumbbells. Just a pair of dumbbells up to 10 lbs (4.5 kgs) is all you need to increase your punching power.

Cable Weight Machines

Cable weight machines are a great versatile piece of equipment that allow you to target muscles at multiple angles. Just like with dumbbells, you can also mimic the movements of a punch. 

There’s also great rotational exercises that target all the muscles you use in a punch from your core, triceps, and shoulders.