Michael Bisping Accused of Biased Commentary at UFC 271, ‘The Count’ Responds

Michael Bisping

UFC 271 was a thrilling event featuring the eloquent tones of the beloved Michael Bisping on commentary filling in for an absent Joe Rogan.

The card consisted of insane finishes, brutal wars, and had a little bit of everything featured for any type of fan to enjoy. Bisping got his first opportunity to call a PPV after Rogan’s inability and took it. The fights progressed with no issue about the commentary until the main event began, and some fans started to say “The Count” and Daniel Cormier were calling the fight with a “bias”.

Allegedly downplaying Robert Whittaker’s success and emphasizing Israel Adesanya‘s. Michael Bisping would address these accusations on Twitter, saying:

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“Lots of people saying I has biased commentary. That’s crazy. I called it like I saw it. Big opening rounds for Izzy. Then real close rounds after that, but I had Izzy winning most. 5 was robs best round. 2 probably went to him also. Close fight, very technical, well done to both!”

Was Michael Bisping Biased?

The general consensus is that the judges got it right at UFC 271, awarding the decision to Adesanya. However, a lot of fans see it differently, including Whittaker himself.

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“I thought I did enough,” Whittaker said at the post-event press conference. “I thought I did enough. Breaking it down, I think I lost the first round, I put myself back together. I think I beat him to every punch. I got takedowns. I thought I did enough, but it is what it is. That’s how work goes in the office. So I want to go back, evolve some more and get better. Fine tune the things that I’ve been working on, and come back a better man.”

Do you believe “The Reaper” did enough to secure the victory at UFC 271, and what are your thoughts on the Michael Bisping bias accusations? Leave your answers down in the comments below!